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Chloe Malinina | Washington | Escort

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Chloe Malinina works in the city of Washington and offers Escort services.
Chloe Malinina | Escort | Washington

Chloe Malinina


She looks to be around 5’3" feet tall. She has a Slender body type. Her ethnicity is Eastern European.

She has Blue eyes.

She works in the city of Washington, D.C., DC and offers her services there. She offers both Incall and Outcalls. So no matter where you are in Washington, D.C., DC, you will be able to see her there.

She has Some Curls, Ass Length, Brown hair.

She is around 40 years old, but from what I see in her photo’s, she looks younger than that.

She can be emailed at

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